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ZONE 4: TV Vision

In this zone Ericsson outlines thought and technology leadership by demonstrating our vision of how the consumer experience will change with the advent of 360 and VR content,  provoking discussion of how this will realistically augment the 4K HDR broadcast experience in the home, delivering an enhanced immersive experience to the viewer.

In this zone we pose the questions:

What will the enhanced, immersive consumer experience be in the future?
How will the future consumer experience change with the technology advances of Virtual Reality and 360 content?  What are live content applications that will truly make the content come to life?

How will 360 and VR content be monetized?
Much is talked about concerning the experience and the technology of Virtual Reality and 360 content but how will this be monetized and what will the new business models and service packages look like?  What will the consumer value and how will the applications provide a return on this content?


Our vision of how 360 and VR video will augment the 4k HDR broadcast experience
Ericsson will show a powerful and compelling application of how we believe VR and 360 content can augment an already immersive UHD TV consumer experience.  Come and check it out for yourself and enjoy the ride!

How will 360 and VR content be efficiently delivered and viable?
How will the content be cost effective to deliver?  This is inherently linked to the monetization question but technology must play its part in providing an experience that must be compelling enough for the consumer to realize the dream of the return expected.