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Zone 1



There are a myriad of challenges for TV Service Operators and Providers when contributing video content for final distribution to the customer - ensuring compatibility with new standards, choice of new architectures, maintaining integrity and low latency of valuable live and on demand content.  The choices seem endless in the quest to deliver the picture quality and real time experience that customers expect from valuable/pay TV content and services.  In this zone we explore the choices and how they fit into the puzzle of Contribution and Broadcast media workflows including:

In this zone we address:

  • End to End UHD Contribution and Delivery from camera to final distribution
  • Broadcast Evolution with ATSC 3.0
  • Distributed Cloud Contribution and how cloud technology is changing the contribution landscape

Zone 2

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Broadcasters, Content Owners, Cable TV Operators are all competing to deliver compelling, personalized and differentiated services to their end subscribers in the most efficient way whether that be to mobile devices or the main screen.  In this zone we showcase how the use of agile and scalable architectures ensure rapid turnaround and reuse of content be that linear or on demand.  We also demonstrate how advertising and management analytics can help personalize the consumers experience and delivering differentiated media services.   

In this zone we address:

  • High efficiency On Demand content delivery
  • Virtualized Broadcast operations
  • Converged OTT and Broadcast ecosystem
  • Self Service and customized management platform & Analytics
  • Content personalization and Advertising

Zone 3

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In this zone we demonstrate the compelling end product of what your viewer experiences.  From recent studies we know that consumers are looking for picture quality on whatever device they are using, low latency to experience the live event in real time, an easy way to explore the content they have access to and a more personalized feel to how they interact with their media platforms.  We showcase how we address each of these areas in order to delight the consumer and make the difference.

In this zone we address:

  • Pushing TV boundaries with the MediaFirst TV platform
  • Ultimate Compression performance and picture quality
  • Evolving the Mediaroom platform

Zone 4

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The thirst for the next big consumer experience to raise the bar for TV Service Providers is relentless.  An insight into what this could be is found on our TV Vision zone.  We explore 360 video as a second screen application complementing a high quality broadcast on the main screen.  This enables the viewer to switch between multiple 360 camera views synchronized with the main screen.  The next big thing?  Come and see for yourself and make up your own mind!

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