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ZONE 3: Consumer Experience

With the connected consumer becoming ever more demanding of advanced experiences, access and quality from advanced media and television services, Ericsson is unifying its unique consumer insights with cutting edge design and technology to create a seamless, personal, intuitive and delightful experience for TV consumers on any device.

In this zone we address:

Ultimate Compression performance and picture quality

One of the key elements to delighting a consumer wherever they are watching your content is picture quality and this can make the difference between them choosing your or a competitor’s media service.  Here we are showcasing how we continuously develop and enhance the video quality from our codec technology which is driving our innovation to provide cutting edge solutions to enhance the consumer experience.

End to End UHD distribution

Here we are showcasing the true picture quality of our end to end UHD workflow including the difference our implementation of HDR can make to consumer experience.  We also demonstrate how we make it easier for operators to mix SDR and HDR content, addressing all screens with our new tone mapping & inverse tone mapping technologies.

Live TV channels are now available as Over The Top (OTT) across multiple devices ranging from smartphone to  4K UHD TVs, based on the underlying Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) technologies capability to deliver content across a variety of networks and to multiple devices.  However, one area of content continues to be technically challenging to OTT growth: Sports and Live events, where both high quality and low latency are crucial.  Learn how Ericsson is leading the way is enabling technologies to meet these challenges head delivering the optimal picture quality wherever the consumer is viewing your content.

Pushing TV boundaries with the MediaFirst TV platform

MediaFirst TV is more than just TV, offering a personalized media experience across Live and OTT services on any device.  MediaFirst TV delivers a premium live and video on demand experience on any device while leveraging best in class Android TV platforms to extend the big screen experience beyond the TV main screen.  MediaFirst TV architecture is not bound by legacy Set Top Box capabilities and can deliver games, voice control and new Apps all from a single environment.

Evolving the Mediaroom platform

Mediaroom is the global leader in managed IPTV and has evolved beyond its best-in-class delivery capability with an enhanced visual experience and customizable menus and peeks to increase content engagement.  Operators on the Mediaroom platform can offer premium features like Cloud DVR, 4K Live, VOD, Time-shift TV and Voice search through remote or voice-controlled speakers from Amazon or Google. Customers on a path to MediaFirst can leverage their existing infrastructure where applicable and move services to the Cloud for any device access.  Let us show you how