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ZONE 2: Direct to COnsumer

Ericsson enables Broadcasters, Telcos, Cable Operators and Content Aggregators to drive efficient differentiation and new revenue opportunities into their service line-ups offering high quality live, linear and on-demand capabilities on the most applicable and advanced platforms in the market today. 

In this zone we address:

High efficiency On Demand content delivery

The cost of VOD content storage is yet another one to bear for TV Service Operators and dependent upon the library this can be significant.  Our MediaFirst Encoding On-Demand has been designed to deliver greatly reduced storage costs for a Video On Demand library - up to 30% compared to traditional solutions.   Stop by to see how! 

Virtualized Broadcast operations

With our visualized broadcast operations propositions we are pioneering the trend.  Evolution to cloud native software and systems is a key trend in the IT world, and this is now being exploited in the broadcast world. As a key trailblazer in this field, Ericsson Media Solutions has years of accumulated experience and successfully delivered huge scale cloud-based video processing projects, leading it to become a world leader in agile and versatile cloud-based media processing solutions.   We offer both public and private cloud support in a commercially available, broadcast grade solution NOW! 

Self Service Management & Analytics

TV Service Providers are continually enhancing their TV experience by analysing viewer behaviour to create more responsive and personal experiences that engage viewers in the movies, series and subscriptions they watch.  MediaFirst TV Management Platform empowers Providers with the tools to see, understand and respond to changing Media preferences.

Converged OTT and Broadcast ecosystem

It is now becoming the norm that TV service operators deliver their service to both the main screen and mobile devices.  However, the infrastructure to achieve this efficiently, with increasingly fragmented solutions in the market, is becoming very challenging.   Our converged OTT and broadcast eco-system meets these challenges head on whilst adding differentiation for operators.

Our key challenge with a converged solution is to offer operators unprecedented operational simplicity, with a comprehensive transversal management tool.  Now, thanks to its new Micro Services based architecture, Ericsson can offer the most flexible, integrated video processing headend and Cloud DVR solution on the market.  With advanced differentiating features positioning us a market leader we can make the difference with your Direct to Consumer service.

Content Personalization and Advertising

Consumers are demanding highly-engaging content and relevant advertising.  Operators strive to deliver this whilst all the time respecting the content rights and what this entails.  The MediaFirst Personalization Suite enables Broadcasters and Operators to personalize video services for specific audiences and better monetize premium TV ad inventory through viewing rights rules definition & enforcement, management of blackouts/alternate content, and ad insertions for all screens and workflows (Live, VOD, Catch-up TV, and Cloud DVR). Come see the possibilities for a more tailored viewing experience and improved content monetization!