ZONE 1: Contribution & Broadcast Zone

Ericsson offers end to end processing portfolio solutions for Contribution and Primary Distribution customers, in order to enable Service and Content Providers to securely and efficiently deliver their content across different networks, whilst maintaining its integrity and quality.

In this zone we address:

End to End UHD Contribution and Delivery

Delivering live UHD programming to consumers requires a seamless workflow across the entire video and audio delivery chain from acquisition cameras to an ever-growing universe of consumer receive devices.  The added complexities of HDR, immersive audio and high bandwidth network infrastructure requirements have made true UHD ecosystems difficult to achieve.  Until now.  Come find out how we can make live, high quality UHD a reality for you today.

Broadcast Evolution with ATSC 3.0

Cord cutters and cord never consumers are discovering the multitude of video entertainment options available with a simple receive antenna.  ATSC 3.0 is positioned to take advantage of these trends by offering new services designed for 21st century viewing; Increased video efficiencies and immersive audio solutions that pull you into the action, stream personalization options aligned with viewer preferences, enhanced emergency alerting capabilities, and of course the ability to watch live and on demand programming anytime, anywhere.  Come see how we are partnering with industry leaders to make the next generation of broadcast television a reality.

Distributed Cloud Contribution

Today’s contribution networks establish connections between physical appliances in different geographical locations.  Distributed Cloud Contribution delivers the power of cloud technology to this application, allowing functionality to be instantiated, on-demand, in the right locations—either on-premise or publicly.   Efficient distributed resource usage for any function at any time provides ultimate flexibility while taking advantage of the inherent operational benefits of cloud operation.  Come see connected functionality being activated on-demand across different sites using our Distributed Cloud Contribution ecosystem.