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Ericsson Media Solutions Together with One Equity Partners

One Equity Partners (OEP) and Ericsson share a common belief in the unstoppable growth of Video, which is reshaping today’s telecommunications networks, both fixed and mobile. We also share the goal to build a product and services  market leader that will be best in class in the creation, distribution, processing and overall management of Video.

Our mission is to be the industry’s leading and most innovative media solutions provider for operators, broadcasters and content owners.

OEP and Ericsson have joined forces to carve out Ericsson Media Solutions, forming a new standalone company solely dedicated to serving the world’s best media customers with world-class technologies. This new company will have a start-up’s focus on growth, coupled with an independent company’s focus on margin efficiency and sustainability. It will also be empowered to drive consolidation across the Media technology landscape, starting with media processing.

The resulting company will have the scale and financial muscle to support ongoing investment in cutting edge new technologies in compression, delivery, and our two platforms, Mediaroom and MediaFirst.


The Transformation of the TV and Media Industry

Look across TV and media today, and you can see the effect of rapid digitization, the marked changes in service distribution, the influence of new technologies and standards and rising industry players. This dynamic media ecosystem is completely reconfiguring expectations of immediacy, simplicity and availability of content, with consumers expecting to discover, watch and share video content whenever and wherever they like.

Yet, with so much choice and competing options comes huge opportunity at every corner. We have transformed our Media Solutions’ portfolio with a cloud-enabled, standards-based integrated end-to-end roadmap. We have both the hardware and software solutions that directly respond to the greatest period of transformation our industry has ever seen – and we know where the media journey is heading.


Anticipated Presence at NAB

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A New Era for Media Solutions

We’re proud to be providing both the innovation that will drive the future, alongside real, deliverable software and service solutions needed for TV Service Providers to compete today. It truly is all about  how to continue to surprise and delight our customers’ customers!

Recognizing key areas of focus in the media industry, we’re organizing our transformation message around four major themes –

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While Ericsson Media Solutions sits at the epicenter of the innovation that drives consumer experience forward, our portfolio delivers end-to-end fully evolved solutions that are available now, allowing our customers to rise as true industry players while competing and differentiating on the Media stage.

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As visionaries and industry trailblazers, we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone, challenging ourselves to think differently, and seeking as a company to continually move the human entertainment experience forward.  For us, its about delivering today, but always with an eye on driving the next compelling consumer experience.

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We are delivering and differentiating content from everywhere, to everywhere, across any network, enabling the consumer to watch their favorite team win that important match or be engrossed in that big not-to-miss global event. From a sports arena in Pyeong-Chang, to your consumer watching their smart phone while catching a train in Chicago, we make sure they get the best experience possible wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.

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Globally, our mission is to equip our customers with the right hardware and software media delivery solutions empowering them to make media accessible to all human kind, wherever they may be.

Make the most out of your visit

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10 things you WILL miss if you
dON't visit us at NAB

End to end UHD

A complete ecosystem for delivering UHD from camera to the consumer – experience the quality!

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Not only market leading solutions but our influential leaders.  Rub shoulders with some of the most influential, industry-shifting leaders of our time, intently focused on carving out the Media Solutions business. Come rub elbows with them!


Bustling Baristas

Enjoy an Ericsson espresso, latte, cappuccino, or americano made hot and fresh from a team of experienced baristas. 

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Our People

Our crazy, tireless, enthusiastic staff of experts here to help you find the right media solutions for your challenges!


Award winning portfolio

Award winning portfolio – Our Frost and Sullivan market leadership award winning MediaFirst Video Processing platform.  Why settle for second best?

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Real consumer application for 360 video –

Real consumer application for 360 video – The next generation consumer experience?  Amazing high quality broadcast view coupled with the complementary 360 video as a second screen application.  Come and judge for yourself!

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Making a Difference

See the portfolio that will differentiate you!  - MPEG-H in Contribution, MediaFirst TV Platform UI, integrated value adding OTT & Broadcast ecosystem with VSPP and MediaFirst Video Processing,  personalization and advertising solutions, and more.


Happy Hour

Monday to  Wednesday, from 5pm-6pm, we have cold brews, wine, and hip musical vibes to wrap up the day with. Who ever said business can't also be pleasure?

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Setting the Standard

Come and see how we are helping to drive and set the industry standards with solutions for an all-IP world and ATSC 3.0 broadcast..

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Thought provoking Speakers

Listen to our thoughts on industry and market leading topics with our engaging speakers throughout the NAB 2018 event.  See our diary for when and where!

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Engage with us live AT NAB!

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